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If this is pertaining to annual fee, cancellation and/or billing inquiries, please call your home location or stop by. Please note: this form cannot be used for membership maintenance and membership cancellations. Please use Member Services to request a membership transfer, pay your balance and/or update your billing information. You can also pay your balance and/or update your billing information in person at your home location. To cancel your membership, please refer to your membership agreement. Cancellations can be done in person or via mail, preferably certified mail. Planet Fitness locations are independently owned and operated.

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How would you rate the cleanliness of the gym floor?

How would you rate the cleanliness of our locker rooms?

How would you rate the cleanliness of our tanning units?

How would you rate our customer service?

In what ways could we improve our locker facilities?
In what ways could we improve our customer service?
What do we do well?
Do you receive a hello/goodbye upon entering/exiting the club?

Do you visit the club during Pizza Night or Bagel Morning?

Do you utilize our PE@PF program (unlimited fitness training)?

Do you hear weight dropping/grunting while working out?

If so, was our Lunkā„¢ Alarm sounded?

Is the atmosphere at the gym courteous, comfortable and non-intimidating?

How is it/isn't it?
Do you find the 30 minute express circuit is followed correctly by other members?

Do you find any necessary equipment maintenance is completed in a timely manner?

Have you experienced the club opening up late (after the posted opening time)?

Do you find the paper towels/toilet paper are often empty?

Do you find the trash barrels are ever overflowing?

Did you receive a Planet Fitness t-shirt when you joined?

Did you receive a tour?

Is there a staff member in particular that makes your visit more enjoyable and/or goes out of their way to help?
Would you recommend Planet FitnessĀ® Gyms to others?

Are you ever waiting to use our cardio equipment?

If so, which type?
Are there other pieces of cardio available at that time?

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